Positive Thinking About the Process, Not the Result

Power of positive thinking
Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

Truth: I’m not a huge fan of the whole “power of positive thinking” thing (aka, manifestation, the “law” of attraction, or any of the myriad other names it goes by).

See, it’s not the idea of having positive thoughts, per se. It’s the fact that too many people use it as an excuse to not actually do anything. Or as a scapegoat when things don’t go well (“I failed because I had a negative thought last Tuesday” rather than “I failed because I half-assed this entire project”…).

But there’s a different kind of positive thinking/visualization technique you can use that does tend to work: and that’s visualizing the process you’ll use for success, rather than just the successful result. When you visualize the process, you’re more likely to actually take the steps necessary to achieve success. You’re effectively creating an action plan, rather than just daydreaming about success you may not actually be willing to work for.

It’s been well-documented that Olympic record-holder Michael Phelps has incorporated visualization techniques into his training regime since before he was a teenager. But he doesn’t just visualize winning a race. He visualizes every step along the way, from the moment he steps onto the starting block until he successfully finishes the race. He does this twice a day, every single day. And it’s led him to win more races than any other Olympian in history.

Visualizing the process you’ll use to reach success can be a key element to actually achieving that success. Take some time to figure out what it actually looks like to work toward your goals, and spend some time visualizing that process on a regular basis.

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